Q: How many cameras will they be operating during the ceremony and reception? 

A: 4-5 at the ceremony and 2-3 at the reception.

Q: Is there a charge by the hour or are you there only for a certain amount of hours?

A: We do not charge by the hour. We are there to capture the special moments of your big day!


Q: How many cameramen will be at the ceremony?

A: 3-4 cameramen at the ceremony and 2-3 at the reception.

Q: Who will be filming your wedding?

A: At SteveFrankFilms, we work as a family, we are the cameramen. On a few occasions in the past we have hired an additional videographer, to assist us at large events but they are there to assist us, not replace us.

Q: Are they filming in HD or possibly 4K?    

A: We shoot all of our footage on 4K ultra high definition cameras.

Q: We are having a soloist, guitarist, reader, pianist, organist, and two officiants at our wedding.  Will we be able to clearly hear them on the final product? 

A: We always have 8 professional digital audio recorders on hand to best ensure your wedding ceremony audio is captured.

Q: What happens if one of your cameras fail during the wedding ceremony? 

A: We use 4-5 cameras during your ceremony to ensure that your entire wedding is captured.

Q: Will you be shooting any other weddings the same weekend?

A: We only schedule one wedding per weekend.  We never double book! Our focus will be on your wedding.

Q: Do they have your wedding date available? Most good videographers will book popular dates at least 12 months in advance.

A: We have booked out as far as 2 years in advance so it is very important to book us early.

Q: Will they travel to our wedding?

A: We love to travel and keep our traveling fees to a minimum.

Q: What is your process for backing up the footage immediately after the wedding? 

A: It resides in three different places.  SD Cards, Hard Drive, and Servers.


Q: How will they work with your photographer?

A: We will work in harmony with your photographer, because we are both there to provide a service to you and want to provide the best possible product.

Q: Do they use additional lights during the reception?

A: Additional lights are always needed at a reception.  To ensure the highest quality, we use professional grade studio lights.

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy? 

A: Your binder is non refundable. Please understand we do this because once we book your wedding, we turn away other brides interested in that same date. As an exception we will refund your binder as long as your cancellation is more than one year from your wedding date.

Q: How long will it take them to edit the wedding video?

A: We say 3 months in our wedding agreement, but historical data reveals we usually deliver within 1 month.

Q: How is the final film delivered? 

A: We deliver Online and provide one USB flash drive.  DVDs are available for a nominal fee ($25 per disc).

Q: How long will the final product be? 

A: We cannot give you a specific time length because it depends solely upon the events of the wedding day.  Typically, "WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS" - 3-5 minutes, "FIRST LOOKS" - (actual time), "CEREMONY" - (actual time), "KEY POINTS OF THE RECEPTION" - 40 minutes to 1 hour. 

Q: How many copies of the final film will you get? 

A: We deliver Online and per request for USB drives.  

Q: When is the deposit and the remaining balance due? 

A: We require half of the total amount to reserve the date and the remaining half two weeks prior to the wedding date.

Q: Can you select the music for your wedding highlights video? 

A: Yes, but to respect the confines of the law, we license all of our music.  Before we begin working on your wedding highlights, we will send you a list of hand picked songs to choose from for your wedding highlights.  We do try not to use songs that we have used in the past, if possible.

Q: Is the film watermarked or does it have the videographers logo? 

A: No, we want you to watch your wedding video without distractions.


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